Create a more productive work environment

There are a wide variety of factors that can influence productivity, but nothing has a greater impact than the work environment. After all it can affect the decisions that are made, the mood and even the physical health.

The work environment you work in every day is fundamentally important. In business, we optimize everything, think about mobile optimization and consider it essential to ensure that your work environment and the conditions you have are optimized to improve your productivity. This preparation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job, but it will require you to do certain things to adopt the following ten suggestions.

1. Create a culture of productivity

Your work environment not only includes physical location and conditions, it also has to do with processes and procedures. Your business culture has to include them. How does it feel to work in your office?

With that in mind, the first thing is to start by creating a work culture that embraces the principle of productivity. Here are some DeskTime tips you can implement:

Determine your goals to understand the purpose of everything you do. Communicate these goals to your team and partners in precise language.

And speaking of goals, set individual goals for each member of your team. Well-defined goals and tasks let everyone know how they contribute to the big picture and how the business is growing.

  • Encourage collaboration between your team. You can promote greater cooperation with brainstorming sessions and having collaborative documents shared.
  • Support your team by allowing them to take breaks to freshen up.
  • Consider changing the environment or routines.
  • Provide tools, resources and education for everyone to be able to do their jobs.

2. Make management a priority

Managing your calendar may not be first on your list, but it’s the only way you can get your team to work to its best. In addition to preventing people from wasting their time.

Fortunately, creating a good to-do calendar isn’t that stressful if you follow these steps:

  • Many offices assign a single person in charge of shared calendars to avoid conflicts.
  • Reduce the number of tasks for your team members to make them manageable and realistic.
  • Use color codes on the calendar to help them differentiate between different events and tasks.
  • Lock in time so everyone in the office can work without interruptions.
  • Set break time periods between meetings.
  • Organize more productive meetings by making sure each meeting is really needed and keep them short and concise.
  • Don’t add last minute events to the group calendar.
  • Check your calendar constantly and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Use tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, Apple Calendar, Calendly, ScheduleOnce or Calendar to encourage collaboration, but don’t go overboard either. Limit the number of tools to avoid confusion among the team.

3. Keep the space clean and organized

It’s okay if there’s a bit of clutter, it can even encourage creativity. However, this should not be exceeded. Keep the space clean and organized. Not only will this save you time finding things, but it will prevent your mind from getting into chaos. A tidy office is also better for your health.

4. Focus on health

When you take care of yourself by exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep, you have the energy and focus to work. Help your employees do the same by having a wellness program, or putting healthy snacks in the office, and not sending them emails 24/7.

You can even put exercise equipment in rest areas, maybe a treadmill. And get on every now and then to motivate your employees. Set the example for them to follow you.

5. Embrace the power of positivity

A happy and positive work environment equals a productive one. Like almost every item on that list, making your employees happy is easy if:

  • You give them positive feedback
  • You are grateful for the work that everyone does
  • You celebrate small victories and events like birthdays
  • You have fun in the office
  • You smile at people and greet them in the morning
  • You practice inclusion
  • You do random acts of kindness and generosity like arriving with donuts or pizzas one day
  • You improve your emotional intelligence to answer them assertively

Reduce paper consumption

Your office supplies are valuable, so you must teach your employees how to use them wisely and consciously. Toilet paper is an input that we must spend responsibly since, in addition to having an economic impact on companies, it also has an environmental impact that must be controlled. This is the reason why we have to look for manufacturers that have a commitment to the environment and create products with low environmental impact such as Sanitisu Professional, which in addition to having environmental certifications also offer more functional products, which thanks to their technologies reduce consumption. As a second step, it is necessary to promote saving as a philosophy of the company, communicating the importance of the responsible use of paper, since it is a collective action that will make the difference; for this you can put reminders in bathrooms and dispensers and even make internal communications. These actions will result in savings for you and the planet.

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